Actress Presenter Desi Maharani

Deswita Maharani born in Jakarta, 7 December 1980. She have blood Sundanese as presenter show, and actress sinetron. As Presenter In show program Kiss (Indosiar) until famous.

Singer Presenter Indonesia Intan RJ

Intan Rizky Jaenab or usual call name with Intan RJ (born in Jakarta, 22 December 1984) is singer and presenter of Indonesia. She starting singer since still child that title“Abang Tukang Sayur” in 1993, and then 2000 have second album “Orang Ketiga” and last “Tulus”.

Chef Trans TV Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn in her powerful people presenter from trans TV in show program have tittle Ala Chef, she's nice most gorgeous piece of eye candy in the place Lounge Pictures Entertainment Online

Singer Presenter Delia Septianti

Delia Septianti or friendly name with call Delia (born in Jakarta 1 September 1985) is a singer and presenter of Indonesia. She is member of music group Ecoutez!. She ever become as presenter program Bakal Beken in TPI.

Singer Actress Presenter Ratna Listy

Ratna Listy have complte name with Ratna Sulistyaningsih (born in Madiun, East Java, 2 August 1973) She is singer, sinetron actress, and Indonesia presenter.

Model Actress Presenter Fenita Jayanti

Fenita Jayanti (born 31 August 1986; age 22 years) is model, presenter, and actress of Indonesia. Most show ever her made : Espresso and reality show Selebriti Jam. Her First Film is 12:00 am. Fenita marry with VJ MTV/actor Arie Untungin 5 February 2005.

Model Presenter Actress Andhara Early

Andhara Early, born in Balikpapan, 11 September 1979 , famous as model, presenter TV and actress sinetron. She ever as second win and favorite win in cover girl 1995. Program and show her activity : Latin Night (Metro TV), Panco (Indosiar), Pesta (Indosiar), opera sabun RUMAH KETUJUH, KELUARGA BESAR 13, VANYA, LUV dan LUPUS MILENIA 2.

TV Presenter Ad Star Feni Rose

Feni Rose (her complete name: Feni Rosewidyadhari) (born in Malang, East Java, 1 November 1973) is a TV presenter, ad star, and inter preneur from Indonesia. She famous from ad as Ibu Dewi in soap Surf ad, as presenter in infotainment show of Silet, and presenter sport Formula 1 in TV station.

Celebrity Presenter Nadya Mulya

Nadya Mulya is star model, sinetron actress film and TV presenter. She born in Jakarta, 19 February 1980, ever as runner up 1 Indonesia Prince Beauty contest 2004 and as Pariwisata Prince. Pass from S-2 University of Reading England International Management, starting career second win Femina face 2001, staring film andsinetron : Andai Ia Tahu (2002), So What Gitu Lhoh! and Cintailah Cinta.

TV Presenter Actress Terry Putri

Terry Naharyana Enani Putri born in Banjarmasin, 1 December 1979. Her career as presenter television, advertising star, actress and broadcaster in Indonesia. She have tall 158 cm and starting career as model and ad Star, Terry finish her school, then arrive job sinetron and host TV.

Presenter and Actress Hesti Purwadinata

Hesti Purwadinata is presenter sport 7 and actress. She is from Bogor West Java and staring various film and sinetron (cinema electron): mewarnai langit, Mau Lagi (ML).

Presenter and Actress Natalie Sarah

Natalie Sarah (born 1 December 1983; age 25 years) is woman actress and presenter in Indonesia. From Aceh, Batak and Sunda, She become as muallaf on June 2001. Various her sinetron ever staring : Kawin Gantung, Cintaku di Rumah Susun, Dari Temen Jadi Demen, Cinta SMU, and Pelangi Bidadariku 1.

Indonesian Presenter Actress Ayusitha

Ayushita Indonesian Actress Celebrity She staring various sinetron film Indonesia, "Bukan Bintang Biasa" with Raffi Ahmad.

Model Presenter Alexandra Gottardo

Sweet Girls Alexandra Gottardo call name Ria or Xandra (born in Malang, 9 January 1985; age 23 years ) is model, presenter, and actress of Indonesia. Play sinetron : Dan, Karena Cinta, Si Yoyo, Cinta Memang Gila, Cinta Remaja, Makin Sayang, Malin Kundang, Intan, Penyihir Cinta, Maha Cinta, Cinta 2020, Sherina, Roman Picisan, and Perempuan.

Presenter Models Yulia Rachman

Yulia Rachman born in Bogor, 5 July 1977 carrier on sinetron, presenter, model, and comedian Sunsilk Girl 2000. Indonesia. First from three sisters camera face since adolescent. Finalis Top Guest Aneka Magazine 1992. Cover Girl Mode Magazine 1995 and Femina Face 1999,

Insert Presenter Girl Lena Tan

Indonesian Presenter Insert Program Television a top model, presenter and Indonesian actress Sexy famous gossip and presenter and celebrity in many TV has made a good career move in her choice

Program Presenter Andrea Lee

Master of Ceremony of and case of ransel in one of the private sector television station is beautiful interesting young new celebrity.