Actress Presenter Desi Maharani

Deswita Maharani born in Jakarta, 7 December 1980. She have blood Sundanese as presenter show, and actress sinetron. As Presenter In show program Kiss (Indosiar) until famous.

Singer Presenter Indonesia Intan RJ

Intan Rizky Jaenab or usual call name with Intan RJ (born in Jakarta, 22 December 1984) is singer and presenter of Indonesia. She starting singer since still child that title“Abang Tukang Sayur” in 1993, and then 2000 have second album “Orang Ketiga” and last “Tulus”.

Chef Trans TV Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn in her powerful people presenter from trans TV in show program have tittle Ala Chef, she's nice most gorgeous piece of eye candy in the place Lounge Pictures Entertainment Online